Team Murtha Update: June 23, 2017

Dear Team Murtha,

Many of you received news via Facebook…if not…

Greg is face-to-face with his Savior.  In Greg’s words, he “moved to the front of the line” yesterday evening while resting comfortably with family and friends.  For the past seven days Greg has battled pneumonia in the Vanderbilt Hospital ICU until his body could battle no more.  The Vandy team of nurses and doctors are world-class practitioners and people—thank you for taking such good care of Greg.

Greg has laid the plans for what is to come next.  The body that once housed Greg’s soul will be cremated while a team of people finish the book that has given him life and purpose for the last year.  We will also plan a celebration of Greg’s life—a life so worthy of celebrating in a big way.  The party we host in Nashville will be in late August.  We will work to set a date in the next several days so plans can be made.  We will email you again once we have the exact date.

You know Greg, he would never want you or anyone to be left out.  Come one, come all.

In the meantime, keep Tracey and Jackson in your prayers along with Kelli, Zac, and Mr. and Mrs. Murtha.

Alongside, Derek Bell
Chairman of the Board, Leading With a Limp (most of all, Greg’s friend)

PS.  If you need to hear Greg and Tracey’s voice.  See this great interview done several weeks ago.


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