We are going to celebrate!

What a celebration!  You can watch the celebration in full right here on Facebook…click on the image below.

We will see you on Saturday night in Nashville.  The Memorial Celebration for Greg Murtha will begin at 6pm and end sometime before midnight.  Dinner will begin at 6:30.

The Celebration will be casual and so will the dress—come comfortable.

The Celebration is being held at Rocketown near downtown Nashville.  The address is:

601 4th Ave. South
Nashville, TN  37210

Please print the attached FREE parking pass – it also has specific driving instructions (click here). 

See you this Saturday at 6pm.

The Memorial Celebration that Greg wrote about (see his facebook post below) is all set to happen on the evening of August 26, 2017 at Rocketown in Nashville, TN.

Register here so we know you are coming and can plan accordingly.

Eventbrite - Greg Murtha's Party

We are making plans for the Memorial Celebration that Greg wrote about (see below).  Register here to receive updates via email.

My Party

Facebook post from September, 2014

I’ve attended numerous memorial services. Each was quiet, respectful, somber and safe. Most of these affairs have been topped off with coffee, cookies, and Kool-Aid.

Please do not think I’m being morbid. Today, I feel terrific. Frankly, I expect to be here for years to come. Really, I do. I simply want to establish my desires for my exit party for when I do make the transition from this earth to the presence of Jesus.

First of all, I do not want my service to be held in a church building. When Dietrich Bonhoeffer was asked, “What is the church?” he responded, “Where two people are together, and they are praying for one another…that is the church…and where the church is, no one is lonely.”[i]

With that said, please celebrate in a place that fosters conversation, where prayers will be lifted up, and who knows…maybe a few people will actually experience Bonhoeffer’s definition of “church.”

In a perfect world, I envision:

  • an open field
  • a fire pit
  • Great music from Tim Akers & the Smoking Section and maybe even a song by my friends Regie Hamm, David White, and Nicole Smith Sponberg
  • a microphone for friends who want to share fun stories
  • a simple grace-filled message on the crazy love of Jesus Christ, delivered by my brother Zac and my friend Todd Wagner
  • Skip the flowers. Give those bucks to a charity like the Both Hands Foundation or Empart USA.
  • Serve a great meal.
  • I envision my friends consuming the best wine you can imagine. (Peter Nelson, you will be in charge of this.)
  • Great beer iced in metal tubs (David Caperton, this will be your job.)
  • Nametags that include where you’re from and how you met me.
  • No coffin. This whole thing should be a celebration of life, not a viewing of death.

I would prefer a party, a celebration–a time to share the love of Jesus with everyone who joins my family to celebrate my homecoming. I want this to be fun.

It makes me a bit sad to think I won’t be there. But something tells me, I’ll get to watch. It does make me sad to think Tracey will be alone and Jackson will no longer have a dad. These realities give me the courage, desire, and strength to fight this cancer battle for as long as I’m physically able.

When the time does come, promise me one thing for certain: no coffee, cookies, or Kool-Aid.